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AKWAABA ENERGY GmbH, with its headquarter in Vienna Austria, is a company proposing tailor-made solutions according to its customer needs. As a green energy company, our aim is to offer leading products in terms of reliability and quality. Most of our products are manufactured either in Austria or Germany and the others products are from reputable international manufacturers.

Our Mission is to drive the world's transition to green energy by offering our customers the most innovative products in the photovoltaic sector.

Our Vision is to bring energy wherever it's needed by fulfilling our customer needs and the need for tomorrows energy supply. That's our commitment.

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AKWAABA ENERGY is here to serve you. We understand how important quality and reliability is to your business. We make sure that everything we offer is of the highest quality available, affordable, and that you get what you need when you need. Our reputation depends on it, and in our industry, reputation is everything! 

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