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solar (pv) photovoltaic

But what is photovoltaics?

Photovoltaics is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation through the use of solar cells. The direct current from the solar modules is converted by an inverter into the alternating current typically used in households. It is then fed into the public grid via an electricity meter or consumed directly by the electrical appliances in the home. With a storage unit, the power from the photovoltaic system can be used day and night. The surplus energy from the photovoltaic system is stored in a battery and is then available for use during the evening and at night.

Are you a farmer in need of energy and clean water in your land?

Are you a business owner or home owner in need of low energy costs?

Do you live further away from your local grid and are in need of electricity in your area?  

By using a photovoltaic system you are making a major contribution towards the energy revolution and an environmentally friendly energy supply.

Your photovoltaic system investment in the future will bring you the following benefits:

For the environment:  With every kilowatt hour that you generate and reuse yourself, you are saving the planet approximately half a kilogram of emitted CO. 2.

For your wallet:  Whereas feed-in tariffs are falling, electricity prices keep going up. Use your own electricity and save yourself some money.

For more off-grid autonomy: The energy storage will ensure that the electricity you generate will be available to you when the sun isn't shining. This means you will be able to enjoy an even greater degree of off-grid autonomous living.

For your property: By turning your home into a modern, energy-efficient house, you will be investing in the value of your property.

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