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Climate Action Pathways

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Climate Action Pathways 2020

The Climate Action Pathways outline the sectoral visions for a 1.5-degree climate-resilient world by 2050 and set out actions needed to achieve that future. Under the leadership of the High-Level Champions, these documents were developed by the coalitions and initiatives of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action and the Champions Team.  These Pathways provide an overview of the transformational actions and milestones needed for system transformations within sectors, as well as the synergies and interlinkages across the thematic and cross-cutting areas that assist all actors to take an integrated approach. 

The High-Level Champions endeavor to provide solutions and evidence on how to strive for a 1.5-degree climate-resilience future by 2050, with sectoral specificity and scientific rigor. These Pathways will help all actors (policymakers (national, subnational and local levels), businesses and service providers, financial institutions, technology providers and innovators and civil society) to identify what actions to take by 2021, 2025, 2030 and 2040, understand the exponential nature of the systemic change that drives transformation, and find initiatives and coalitions who could support them in this endeavor. 

The Climate Action Pathways complement the Yearbook of Global Climate Action and the Global Climate Action Portal (NAZCA), which track, report and recognize climate action, by presenting forward-looking actions towards fully implementing the Paris Agreement. They consolidate the work, outcomes and recommendations throughout the year of the Marrakech Partnership and related forums. As such, they will be living documents that will be updated periodically with the latest information and lessons learned as the state of climate action evolves.  In the next iteration foreseen in 2021, the Champions will guide to further enhance the Pathways by strengthening aspects of just transition, gender-responsiveness, resilience and circular economy, which also further deepens the alignment and synergies of actions across the Pathways. Specific topic area, such as the role of CCUS, will also be further developed, and a new pathway for Finance is being explored. 

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