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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

A must have for your #photovoltaic system. The Fronius Solar Energy#GEN24 will make your #systems great again.

For #photovoltaic systems, #storage, backup power, heat or #emobility - the Fronius #GEN24 Plus is the all-in-one solution for your solar energy supply. ☀️

The Fronius GEN24 Plus is the versatile hybrid inverter with integrated back-up power and thus offers the best flexible solution for solar energy supply. 

Whether photovoltaic, storage, backup power, heating solutions or e-mobility - the Fronius GEN24 Plus offers a unique variety of solutions.


The integrated basic backup power supply is a power socket supplied with electricity in the event of a power outage. This allows loads to be supplied with up to 3 kW of power. The PV Point represents our low-cost backup power solution.

  • automatic activation in case of a grid outage

  • costly additional installation work is not necessary

  • supplies households with one-phase loads of up to 3 kW Fashion, Travel, etc.


The sophisticated backup power solution works in combination with an energy storage system and supplies 1- and 3-phase loads, such as an electric cooker or a heat pump, whenever there is sufficient energy available.

  • supplies the entire household (even three-phase loads)

  • automatic switch to backup power in the event of grid failure

  • efficient energy flows due to the Multi Flow Technology, even in backup power situations


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