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The Complete System includes


1.8Pcs Solar Panel 300W 20V

2. Solar Inverter Growatt

3. Pure Sine Wave MPPT 220V 2.5KW

4.Black And Red Cable 10M-20M

5.MC4 Connector and Grounding Wire

6.installation and maintenance manual


Solar Panel 300w Specification

Pmax :300W

Size and Number of Cells:156mm*156mm 60Pcs / 6*10

Tolerance:± 3% Vmp:30V

Imp :10A


Isc :11A


Dioders:3 by-pass



Operate Temp.Scope:-40 degree to 80 degree

Relative Humidity:0 to 100%

Resistances:227g steel ball falls down from 1m high and 60m/s wind speed



Growatt Inverter 2.5KW With Wifi Module Specification

Rated AC output power 2500w

AC output power 2500W

AC output current 11.3A

Rated output voltage / range 220V/180-280V

Grid frequency / range 50,60Hz/±5Hz

Power factor 1 THDi <3%

AC connection type L+N

Dimensions (width / height / thickness) 271 * 267 * 142mm

Weight 6.1kg

Operating temperature range -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Noise figure (usually) ≤25dB (A)

No derating below 2000m

2.5KW Solar Grid Tie System (300W solar panels + 2.5kW Inverter + Dual MPPT )

  • Certificate: CE 

    Work Time (h): 24
    is_customized: YesSolar Kit For Home Complete
    Application: home
    Load Power (W):  2500w 2.5KW 220v
    Solar Power (W): 2500w 2.5KW 220v
    Output Voltage (V): 220V
    Solar System Complete: Yes
    With Battery: No

    Installation Manual: Yes
    Guarantee Time: 5 Year For the Whole System
    System Type: On Grid /Grid Tie
    Mounting Type: Roof
    Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave
    Bracket Material: Aluminum
    Solar Panel: 300w Monocrystalline

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