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Sunpal Recreate Series Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner is

engineered from the ground up for use with solar.

All electrical components are DC powered including DC Compressor, high-efficiency DC Fan Motors, DC Valves & Solenoids, etc.


The Air Conditioner System uses VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow )

controller and frequency driver in conjunction with multiple sensors and an algorithmic control circuit to raise and lower the unit's capacity in real-time based on conditions as they change.


Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner uses Solar Direct Drive Technology

(SDDA), so the A/C Unit can use AC DC power in the same time or independently. The SDDA uses solar energy as the priority power instead of the grid energy to run the air conditioner. In the

sunshine day, the Recreate Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner can be

operated by 100% solar energy without AC power.


The whole system just contains an A/C Unit and a few PV

panels,NO BATTERY, NO INVERTER, NO CONTROLLER. Compare with the regular air conditioner, the investment increases 50%-80%, but the electricity bill will reduce 60-80% yearly.

2HP Solar Inverter Air Conditioner AC/DC Hybrid Type

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    Air conditioner Sunpal: 25refrigerant :R32 Type: VFR Full DC Inverter (18000 BTU/1HP)
    Solar module power: 345W (1956*992*35mm A grade 23KG
    Mounting Structure roof whole set for 6 pcs solar module
    PV Cable 4 mm2
    Lighting Arrester PC40-85V DC 
    Fuse protection RT28N -32X 1P
    DC Breaker DC800V 2P 20
    MC4 Connector Rated current: 30A  Voltage: 1000VDC
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