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Pump Inverter / Pump head & Pump Capacity

50m: 1,0m³/h 

120m: 0,2m³/h

It will Needs: 3 Solar Panels (250Wp++ (60cell))


The direct advantages of our drives are:

1. The devices are designed without  storage/battery usage,  to provide energy with the first and last ray of sunshine.

That means:
- The SDD system has no more additional costs and works with robust 3-phase pumps, which are significantly more durable.
- The design for the 3-phase motors also requires significantly fewer pv modules than the comparable systems with single-phase pumps.

2. The units are equipped with passive coolers instead of fans,

which means:
- not much maintenance,
- no repairs as with fan drives
- thus hardly care and very robust.

3. A very important feature:
- The SDD  works with any type of 3-phase engines or water pumps that are available on the market.

- Dry running protection

- GSM optional

- Temperature compatibility up to at least 65 ° C.


- IP 54. (when installing under the PV modules, to protect against environmental impact, to install).

4. No conversion housing required as for most other devices:
The back of the device has mounting holes that allow the device to be mounted on a freestanding post.

Pump Inverter / Solar Direct Drive SDD 375W

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  • Solar Direct Drives "SDD" are passively cooled robust "stand alone" PV-solar powered motor drive solutions with Maximum Power Point Tracking and IP54(65) protection degree. They provide a rapidly paying-off substitute for Diesel or propane gas-powered pumping solutions.

    Typically the SDDs are used in systems for sprinkling, drip irrigation or Pivot solar drive systems as well as for ventilation and also for flour and oil mill systems and water purification applications.

    The Solar Direct Drives are operated from a single PV-array and drive 3-phase induction motors with 110V, 230V or 400V phase to phase voltage up to 5.5kW with 50Hz or 60Hz.

    Pump sets are available.

    Our IP54 protected models "SDD375W-65V" for 3-phase motor loads of up to 375W cover most applications up to 45°C ambient temperature.

    Many of our devices  are installed in

    -  the open fields (the farmer do not need to drive out to wait or switch on),  can start automatically if you want, it saves time and travel costs

    - in wilderness (India, nature reserves for elephants) or

    -  in Savanna in Southern Africa without any supervision and can be  managed optional via GSM

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