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Solar Pump kit (SDD1.5kW-425)


The kit come with the following: 

  • SDD1.5kW-425V (Pump Inverter)
  • EMPO-NI special pump Motor
  • 85m 550W ss pump
  • 4 Solar Panels  280W



Pump head & Pump Capacity

50m: 5,5m³/h 

120m: 2,1m³/h

TheSDD1.5kW-425 is designed without  storage/battery usage,  to provide energy with the first and last ray of sunshine

Solar Pump kit "85m" (SDD1.5kW-425)

Ships From
  • The stainless steel motor is available with interchangeable stainless steel pumps optimized for pump heads of typically 30m, 85m and 100m (others on request).

    The set comprises the proven robust passively cooled EMPO-NI SDD1.5kW-425V and a pump head / discharge optimized submersible pump. Runs with any 4 quality PV-panels (60 cells)

    • SDD1.5kW-425V with complete pump specific protection functions (dry-run protection (sensorless, level switch), low speed, etc.) and MPP- tracking, flow meter input, etc...

    • Fully encapsulated IP54 (IP65) passively cooled system for up to 45°C ambient temperature.

    • Dedicated full stainless steel pumps with optimized pump head / discharge selection and robust 3~ motor.

    • 4 PV-panels are included in this set.

    All materials for the stainless steel pumps, motors and the Solar Direct Drive have been carefully selected for robustness and quality to ensure a long life even under harsh environmental conditions. Solar Direct Drive is a product MADE IN GERMANY

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