Complete package consisting of:

    1 x MyReserve Command 20.2 control unit for MyReserve Matrix up to 5 battery modules MyReserve Pack with 2.4 kWh


    • Max. 2 battery converters in parallel operation
    • Max. permissible PV voltage 900 V
    • Max. permissible PV current 20 A. 
    • Max. Overall efficiency 92% 
    • permissible. Operating temperature: 0 ° C to + 30 ° C
    • Dim. (WxHxD): 384 x 236 x 260 mm, approx. 13 kg 


    1 x MyReserve Pack 24.3 Li-ion battery storage


    • Nominal capacity 2.4 kWh
    • 4100 full cycles at 100% DoD
    • Max. Efficiency 99,2% 
    • permissible. Operating temperature: 0 ° C to + 30 ° C
    • Dim. (WxHxD): 384 x 200 x 277 mm, 25 kg  


    1 x MyReserve Command accessory kit

    1 x AC sensor 63 A



    Solarwatt battery storage system MyReserve Matrix 2.4 kWh

    • The latest milestone on the way to decentralized energy generation: With the MyReserve Matrix, SOLARWATT offers you the right storage technology to build up a highly economical system for energy supply from your own roof. And thanks to its modular concept, it fits your personal needs perfectly. The MyReserve Matrix is ​​the world's first fully modular power storage. There are almost no limits in terms of capacity and performance. The more storage capacity or performance is required, the more components can be combined with one another. MyReserve Matrix makes it possible.

      • Fits exactly to your requirements - inexpensively expandable for life
      • Use solar power when you need it
      • Increase in self-consumption by up to 80 percent
      • Noticeable reduction in your electricity bill

      Store energy. Safe, powerful, compact MyReserve Pack is a powerful lithium-ion battery module for integration in MyReserve battery systems.

      • Depth of Discharge is 100 %

      • Unique battery effi ciency of 99.2 %

      • Long service life > 15 years

      • Plug & play installation with contact-protected and polarity-reversal-protected connecting plugs

      • One-person installation possible (only 25 kg)

      • Certifi ed safety with multi-stage safety controls

      • Integrated battery management system with VTC supervisor

      • Individual cell monitoring

      • Dynamic adjustment of the charge current based on the current PV output and the household‘s internal consumption

      • Maintenance-free

      • No memory effect

      Please take into account when purchasing: In
      order for the full manufacturer's guarantee to apply, the installation must be carried out by a specialist company trained and certified by Solarwatt.

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