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Ray of Light

5 steps to consider before generating electricity from the power of the sun

  1. Advice : a comprehensive consultation is the A-Z of switching to solar technology. We get an idea of your situation on site. A site analysis determine the further planning and the choice of the components.

  2. Planning : the size of your plant depends on the energy consumption. Our PV specialist use competent planning tool to determine your future PV performance and also take into account disruptive factors such as trees or other objects casting shadows.

  3. Funding subsidies : we want you to get the most out of your future PV system, and we will inform you on available subsidies in your area and support you in your application for funding.

  4. Installation : after a static test, and reviewing your electrical blueprint by our certified electrician, the installation of your solar system begins. 

  5. Commissioning : your PV system is mounted and the final quality assurance is done before you begin generating electricity. You can now save on your electricity costs.

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